10a Festa Del Vin Blanc at La Morera De Montsant will take place on October 27.

The "Festa del Vin Blanc" once again has the village of La Morera de Montsant as its main stage this year. As usual, around the end of October, most of the local producers and some other wineries from the D.O.Q Priorat are invited to the tasting. The Priorat will show on the streets of la Morera its sweet, stale and quiet wines along with other regular productions. As on other occasions, there will also be an open market with artisan products such as cheeses, honey or sausages.

The "Festa del Vin Blanc" is promoted by the City Council of Morera de Montsant. The fair and wine tasting will be concentrated in the Plaça del Priorat, in front of the Town Hall, and will include this year a music concert by the band Menut, this performance is included in the official program of the Festival Terrer (www.terrer.cat). 

Perinet will join the tasting this year with a selection of wines from the 2015 vintage and some very special unreleased "rancis" from old vintages. Come to visit us in this wonderful tasting in the old and picturesque village of La Morera de Monstant.