This year the harvest season will take place each Saturday from September to October 2018. The crush party for club members only will offer the most exciting moments on the wine year in Perinet. 


During the harvest season, our guests may participate in a range of activities at the estate designed to deepen their knowledge of winemaking. Events are tailored to fit the needs and schedules of our perinet members.

A dry year with mild and hot temperatures make possible to be harvesting in September. The harvest in Perinet is one of the finest wine-related activities, and the most authentic and traditional. The vineyards are filled with workers and excitement to pick the grapes that will make some of the finest wines in the world.

Throughout harvest members/guests can participate hands-on in the creation of our bespoke fine wine by collecting grapes from ripe vineyards. In morn­ing sessions, Perinet team presents a short, detailed review of the year’s growing season and decision-making process behind selecting the har­vest date. In addition to walk-throughs in the field to identify harvest ready grapes, our guests will visit the winery’s lab to see how grapes are analyzed by sug­ar level to gauge ripeness. Then will work side by side with enologists and grape-picking crews to cut clusters of ripened fruit off of vines and trans­port them to the winery.

At the winery, our guests will work with our team to manu­ally sort grapes by quality, a practice known as triage, to ensure they have the best fruit to make a wine worthy of a premier cru. After learning to spot top quality fruit at sorting tables, berries are destemmed by machine and participants reinspect and sort grapes on shaker tables before depositing fruit into fermentation vats to be crushed. Our visitors also learn the workings of gravity flow wine­making used at Perinet that takes their grapes from crush pad to the cellar.

In the cellar, enologists and staff offer a short ex­plaination on the fermentation process. Members/guests see firsthand the maceration of grapes and the practice ‘pigeage’ (punching down) with long, handheld mashing tools to break up grape skins, stems and seeds to create wines with richer color, flavor and tannins.

In addition to acquiring the know-how to make a fine wine, members/guests enrich their understanding of fine wines via specially tailored tasting sessions with perinet wines.. We will walk through the structure and tannin of different grape varietals and the bouquet and finish of the chosen wines to assist each mem­ber in identifying their preferred style of wine.

To further assist members in their goal to craft a bespoke fine wine, barrel tastings will be offered of Grenache and Carignan, the local varietals of the Priorat region, that have been aged for a mini­mum of 12 months in various types of oak barrels. Members will be taught how to recognize different degrees of toasting on the barrel and the effect of different fermentation styles and barrel types on wine. Guests will gain an insight into the subtle nuances that oak bestows onto the flavor of fin­ished wines.

Together with our enologist team, our guests take part in blending sessions to explore the potential of each varietal and to identify how each compliments other grapes. Organized in morning or afternoon sessions, participants learn the fundamentals of assemblage, the winemaker’s art of blending, to determine which grapes from their different plots will be used to create their signature wine.

Members/guests are treated to local catering at Perinet during the harvest season. Grape-picking sessions are followed by informal sitdown lunches in the vineyard that provides stunning views of the surrounding scenery. Dinners in the winery’s barrel room fea­ture menus prepared by top names in the region and dishes are paired with our best wines. Special samplings of fine single malt whiskeys & spirits and top quality cigars conclude evening meal service.