Spring at Perinet

A Chance to Discover the New Perinet 2016 Releases

Spring is great time for wine tasting in Priorat. Perinet offers a special set of tastings and winery visits from the 30th April to the 12th of May, during the Priorat Wine Fair. Tastings are daily at 11 am and 13 pm. 

Springtime brings forth a unique set of wine tastings at the Perinet estate, along with a refreshing atmosphere all around the Priorat DOQ. This will be your chance to discover Perinet’s new releases, as well as the previous vintages.

“This vintage is exceptional because of its high acidity that acts as the backbone of the wine. The skeleton of the wine is comprised of a large number of tannins. When you combine the spine and the skeleton–the acidity and the tannins–you can expect fullness taste and breadth due to its functional structure,” affirms our wine consultant Jean Hoefliger.

Toni Sanchez-Ortiz, our winemaker, provides a bit of information about the single vineyards: “The Grenache shows its exquisit character, elegant yet fragile and a vintage well expressive of its finesse. There are always risks to watch out for, such as leaving the wine for lengthy periods in the barrels, causing an abuse of the wood. This can negatively impact the Grenache, possibly causing it to lose its pure personality. The new 2016 Grenache is fresh/raw/inviting and brimming with red fruit. On the contrary, the Carignan is has a more dominant personality: large, strong and powerful flavors with darker fruits. We have two wines with contrasting natures: Grenache is soft and elegant; Carignan is bold and rustic.”

In 2016, the vigor and freshness of Priorat were fully expressed through our wines. We are improving our located in the deep-seated soil which allows us to leave the skins of the grapes to develop for longer durations. This brings more structure to our wines. Once the hard work is done, the time to share and enjoy the results of the high effort, care and dedication has arrived. Get involved in our challenging journey of creating these new wines by joining us in the Spring Tastings in the ancient heart of the Priorat.

Special tasting and winery visit from 30th of April to 12th of May during the Priorat Wine Fair.
Tastings at 11:00 am and 13.00 pm.

Perinet New Releases Tasting | Exclusive tasting of the 2016 Merit & Perinet wines. Price 30 €  - MAKE A RESERVATION  NOW -
Perinet Single Vineyards Tasting| Exclusive tasting of 2016 Single Vineyards: Grenache & Carignan. Price 30 € - MAKE A RESEVATION NOW -