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Vidart, a chance for listening

Our knowledge of the Perinet vineyards has led us to build a model that will allow Perinet wines be transmitted through feelings. The goal is to let each variety reach its most pure expression. This is more extreme in our single varietal wines, small editions of Syrah, Cabernet, Grenache and Carignan. Through the taste of these wines each vintage will tell us how the influence of the year was. Climate conditions modulate the style, if they are more shy (reduced) or extroverted (opened) by the harsh climate of a particular crop.

Perinet wines and terroir

Perinet Winery started  a new project of wine making three years ago linked to the present times. The focus is to understand the vineyards and wine with the integration in the territory and how varieties have adapted to our Mediterranean environment. The current experience in Perinet estate has reached to comprehend the different varieties needs on those “meso” climates, terraces and slopes at high altitude.