Perinet participates with First Wine in the Exhibition Hall for Importers of Food and Spanish Wines in Zurich

Switzerland is one of the main foreign markets for quality Spanish cuisine. Despite its small size (8.5 million inhabitants), this market is the fifth destination for quality Spanish wines and the one with the highest average selling price. In addition, the Swiss are large consumers of gourmet and organic foods, so Spanish foods have great growth potential in Switzerland. Without a doubt, it is one of the most mature and competitive foreign markets.

The next exhibition of Wine Day and More 2020 will be held on February 24 at the Hotel Dolder Grand in Zurich and pursues the following objective: to transfer an image of quality and great diversity of Spanish wine and gourmet products in one of the main Destination markets for Spanish export.

Wine Day and More 2020 is an exhibition organized by ICEX, through the Economic and Commercial Office of Spain in Switzerland, which will integrate approx. 35 importers of Spanish wine and 5-10 importers of Spanish food. Access to the sample will be for both professionals and final consumers.