Perinet joins the Priorat's music festival. Festival Terrer Priorat has established itself as an outstanding cultural event, a landmark on the national scene. Terrer provides an excellent showcase for the Priorat, one where music, landscape, architecture and the pleasure of fine wine express all the richness of this unique part of the world.

Two unique voices combine in a hypnotic polyphony carried by the rhythm of the string drums, feet and hands. In an explosive confrontation, the two musicians share and develop their complementary vocal personalities, interwoven over ten years of artistic collaboration.

Cocanha cultivate minimalism through the sincerity of the acoustic sound backed up by percussion that makes her bodies part of the dance. The Occitan language is their playground for exploring uniquely inspiring textures and sounds.

Cocanha’s work is based on the traditional Occitan repertoire, bringing forgotten archives to life and reintroducing them into today’s oral history. Some words are rewritten, others are invented; all of them spring from a collective imagination determined to open the heavens. The characters in the songs claim and affirm their erotic power. 

The concert will take place in the Mare de Déu del Montsant ermitage, a historic emplacement with amazing views. To complete this more than interesting program Perinet will pour Merit 2017, a full body and rich flavoured vintage.

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