In October enjoy the wine living in Priorat with the special Perinet Harvest Events.  

The crush party will offer the most exciting moments on the wine year in Perinet. This year the harvest experience will take on the core weekends of October. The weekend of 24th and 25th will have special activities for kids. 

The harvest at Perinet is one of the finest wine-related activities, it is about the excitement of picking the grapes, living the harvest, and enjoying the wine lifestyle. Our guests will step into the vineyard, work in the winery’s lab, and following the path of the grapes from vineyard to production. In addition, guests will enrich their understanding via a specially tailored session with grape and wines tastings.

Grape-picking sessions are followed by lunch at the winery’s terrace featuring menus prepared by chefs in the region with dishes paired with our best wines. The magic of the Priorat landscape will complete this exclusive and unique experience.