fbpx MAY, A MONTH OF FAIRS | Perinet May, a month of fairs




From Perinet, we have participated in different fairs and events in different parts of Europe, some closer and some further away.

In this new blog for the month of May, we will remember all the fairs we have been through and we will explain a little more about them.

On April 29, the Falset Wine Fair took place, until May 1, and as the name of the fair indicates, it was held in Falset and the usual format was recovered at the Falset venue and it maintained the initiative of the previous edition of offering menus in the wineries during the rest of the month of May. Perinet was one of the participating wineries of the year 2022, being at stand number 57. The day could not have gone better and we enjoyed the very good company of other colleagues, as well as the visits of many interested people.

From May 10 to 12 we met at Fenavin, the "National Wine Fair", located in Ciudad Real, together with the DOQ Priorat, we were in Hall 8 Li Bai at stand 25. Without a doubt, they were some unique days in which we learned a lot and, most importantly, we really enjoyed ourselves, both from the company of other brands and from everyone who received us.

Finally, from May 15 to 17, the Prowein Fair was held in Düsseldorf, Germany, "The International Wine and Spirits Fair" where, in this case, we found ourselves in Hall 14 and, specifically, in the Booth C60-17. In this venue away from home, we could not feel more welcome, both for the fair and for all the people who visited us, without a doubt, a fair that left us with a very good aftertaste.

We are already looking forward to reliving more experiences like these!

Thank you all for coming to the fairs and for making Perinet part of your days.