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Perinet 2015 vintage on board

Tastings from our next releases available on our Premium Tours.

Perinet is celebrating as our wines are traveling abroad.

PRIORAT (January 26, 2018) The new year 2018 has come and Perinet is celebrating as our last vintages are traveling abroad. Perinet wines are on their way to our US partners and will be introduced to the United States market next month, look for more news soon.

Perinet is proud to present tours and tastings of our last vintages at our winery in the heart of the Priorat. 2015 was an outstanding harvest due to exceptional weather conditions, cool and rainy spring followed by warm and dry days until harvest date of September 15th. Wide temperature fluctuations between day and night resulted in higher levels of acidity and increased the aromatic intensity of the grapes.

If you are a true wine lover we suggest to ask for our Premium Tour and get the chance to taste direct from the barrels the fine evolution of our 2016 single vineyards. In the single vineyards, you'll see how the Grenache shows its subtitle character, elegant and fragile. Due to the excellent vintage, there is an expression of finesse in the wines. The 2016 Grenache is fresh with hints of red fruit. On the other side, the Carignan is much bigger, stronger and powerful with darker fruit. The expression we feel with Grenache is more ladylike; Carignan is more masculine and dense. Come to Perinet and get involved in this exclusive experience of the senses.