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Perinet awarded for innovation

The Perinet winery among the winners of the Premis Cambra 2022

The Cambra de Comerç de Reus in the celebration of the Premis Cambra 2022 which, on this occasion, has had a monographic character dedicated to Innovation and Digital Transformation, has distinguished the Perinet winery among the award-winning projects. This recognition is aligned with the strategy followed by the corporation to favor the digitization of companies and the introduction of information and communication technologies.

The distinction specifically wants to recognize the technologically advanced approach that Perinet has always carried out, promoting a winery built at three heights to take advantage of the unevenness of the land, a modern and innovative project, having recording instruments and computer monitoring of vineyards and facilities. as well as being active in social networks or pioneers in online commerce.

The Premis Cambra 2022 ceremony was chaired by the Generalitat's Secretary for Business and Competitiveness, Albert Castellanos, and included the intervention of the Director General of the Public Business Entity Red.es, Alberto Martínez Lacambra. On behalf of Perinet, the prize was collected by Antoni Sànchez-Ortiz (Winemaker) and Sheri Perricone (Finances Manager). The gala had a solidarity approach with the aim of raising funds to make possible the "Rehabilitamos la Estrella" project to adapt five new sustainable and socially just homes to Reus.

Perinet is a spectacular estate located in the historic heart of the DOQ Priorat. The winery and the vineyard are unique in Priorat as a result of a particular and pioneering vision of investing in a premium winery and at the same time an excellent tourist destination. In the vineyards, we find a predominance of local varieties such as Carinyena and Garnatxa, accompanied by international varietals. The architecture of the winery stands out for its efficiency, elegance, and spectacularity. Perinet produces great wines made one hundred percent in origin and destined for the international market of leading brands. The vineyards are built on technologically advanced terraces, with high-density plantations designed in 1998 by engineer Jose Luis Pérez. Perinet has become today a modern and innovative winery located in the center of a historical region. The viticulture model, the oenological techniques, and constant research make Perinet the place where past and future embrace each other.

With this recognition, Perinet reaffirms a long history of commitment to research and the territory, consolidates the pre-eminence of the project at the national level, and has led the winery's wines to international market recognition.