Perinet moves forward in the understanding of both, the ancient and international varietals in Poboleda, north of the DOQ Priorat.

Perinet moves forward in the understanding of both, the ancient and international varietals in the north of the DOQ Priorat. Wines that express the complexity and the strong character of the llicorella (slate soils) and a modern concept of winemaking, introduced by Antoni Sanchez-Ortiz, respecting the expression of each vine. From 2016 vintage Perinet presented a single vineyard Carinyena from Porrera and a single vineyard Garnatxa from Poboleda, both wines with a great acceptance of critics and public. In 2017 vintage the family grows to present a wide selection of artisan terroir wines. 

Mas del Xes vineyard encompasses the largest planted vineyard at Perinet, around 26 acres (10'6 hectares), which are composed of 60% north-facing slopes (Syrah) and 40% northeast-facing (Garnatxa and Carinyena). Syrah is planted on hillside terraces, and Garnatxa and Cariynena vines are planted in a simulated amphitheatre rising to a height of 1,312 feet (470 m) which offers an exceptional view of Montsant. Planting took place in 2000 and 2001. Hand harvesting is done over an extended period due to the difference in ripeness between the varietals and exposures. In the context of the Christmas campaign, Perinet will release our Vinya Mas del Xes Syrah and Vinya Mas del Xes Garnatxa.

Mas Vell, the southern slope of the vineyard is the most unique element. The vineyard is south facing with very mature grapes. Unlike most south Priorat areas, where vines grow at a lower altitude, Mas Vell climbs up to between 1,263 and 1,476 feet (370 m - 450 m), resulting in well driven ripe fruit style aromas and fresh acidity to create a beautiful, effortlessly balanced wine. Garnatxa and Cabernet are grown over 18 acres (7,44hectares) at this terraced site, which was first planted in 2000 using an advanced trellising system designed by Jose Luís Pérez to balance vigour. Green pruning and harvesting are both done by hand. Now presenting Vinya Mas Vell Cabernet Sauvignon for the first time. 

These new wines complete the Perinet Single Vineyard Collection with Vinya Mas Vell Garnatxa and Vinya Pendents Carinyena, five totally different artisan wines from a limited edition to express a unique terroir and a modern accurate winemaking process. A perfect complement for your Christmas table to create a gastronomic unforgettable wine lover experience.