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Excellent vintage to start harvest in a week in Priorat.

Intense cold to a stifling heat

The harvest comes more than two weeks early this year, September will be the month.

PRIORAT (August 22, 2017) As usual in the Priorat, at this time of year, there is a generalized opinion about the harvest. The expectations are coming to the point to have an awesome vintage, with tiny production but of great quality. It has been an atypical vintage with strong changes in the weather that have altered the Mediterranean climate normal tendency. Despite a nice raining spring, the sudden change of intense cold at bud-break to a stifling heat at pea size between May and June has caused the vineyard to stop the growth of the vegetation very early and the grapes have advanced the ripening process. The whole summer has been dry and very hot and is thanks to the proximity of the sea that the vine has remained healthy and has been able to breathe, because of the sea breeze bringing humidity to the vines and hydrating the soil. The results are small and intense grapes in the aroma, the best base to make and excellent Priorat wine, capable to keep the process of maturity along the summer. Even though, patience will be absolutely necessary.

From early September to the end of October we will be hosting a series of Perinet Harvest Tours to welcome 2017 vintage. There is no better time of the year to come on a wine tour than harvest, have a close look at the vineyards, enjoy the hand picking and the grapes being delivered directly to the winery for crushing. You might have the experience to press the grapes with your feed and taste the first tasty juice coming out from the press. You will learn about maturation and fermentation, taste some juice from different grapevines while enjoying a journey into the heart of Priorat.