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Perinet wines in the US market

Perinet Winery Announces a Partnership with Leading Napa Valley Winery

The DOQ Priorat Winery Perinet Moves Forward into the US Market

PRIORAT (August 8, 2017) -  Perinet Winery is pleased to announce a partnership with Robin Baggett, a leading California vintner, and his Napa Valley winery, Alpha Omega, and sister winery, Tolosa, in San Luis Obispo, Ca. “We produce Bordeaux-style wines at Alpha Omega and Burgundian varietal wines at Tolosa. Perinet complements the two wineries perfectly,” says Baggett.

The agreement marks an important achievement for Perinet on the direct-to-consumer business model. Perinet, a leading Priorat winery in wine tourism, broadens its goals of increasing the direct to consumer business in Spain and Europe, by aligning itself with a partner that is a leader in the US. Perinet is focused on reinforcing a wine tourism model in the Priorat region.

Perinet CEO Kevin McGlynn says, “Perinet, the jewel of the Priorat, looks forward to working with Robin Baggett and the teams at Alpha Omega and Tolosa wineries. Perinet could not have found a better partner. With Alpha Omega’s and Tolosa’s leadership position in the DTC markets, we are confident our high end Priorat wines will be well received in the US market.”

Along with the Partnership, the Perinet winemaking team, led by winemaker, Toni Sanchez-Ortiz, adds Jean Hoefliger. Hoefliger, a Swiss-born winemaker, is Alpha Omega´s winemaker and consultant to Tolosa as well as leading wineries of the world. Hoefliger´s experience will enhance Perinet´s winemaking team. Sanchez-Ortiz defines Perinet wine excellence due to “An equal balance between the warmth, full tannin ripeness that comes from a Mediterranean area and freshness, long taste acidity from the hills of the Priorat.”

Sana Khouja, Perinet´s Director of Marketing and Tourism, notes “Perinet creates unique experiences; exploring the passion for wine in one of the world’s most recognized wine regions, but still unknown for most of the audience. Perinet visitors experience a place for learning and enjoyment of Priorat Wines.”